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Triangulum constellation dating ariane

He also points out that a weak cycle may not have an effect on our climate; we simply don’t know for sure. If the Sun has fewer sunspots and no flares, what difference does that make here on Earth? The Little Ice Age In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, much of Europe experienced incredibly cold winters.

Jet versus the Volcano As it happens, there were some big volcanic eruptions around the time of the Little Ice Age. Sunspots and volcanoes wouldn’t hit one region that hard without doing something to the rest of the planet. It varies a lot season to season and year to year, and it can affect regional weather quite strongly.

Given that essentially all the heat received by the Earth from space comes from the Sun, it seems like a no-brainer that the Sun affects our climate. Overall, the Sun’s energy output is remarkably stable.

Over hundreds of millions of years the Sun actually warms up due to complicated processes in its core, but over, say, 100,000 years the heat and light we get from it is pretty much rock-constant.

As we like to say in the skeptic’s business: correlation does not imply causation. The Sun-Earth Connection What we need to ask is, can the solar cycle cause an ice age?