Start File parsed but not updating

File parsed but not updating

This warning is likely to mean that your recipe will fail to run when you attempt to converge.

This rule will match any cookbook that does not have a Chef definitions are an older approach to creating a higher-level abstraction for a group of resources.

Unlike Custom Resources they are not first class resources, cannot receive notifications, and do not support why-run mode.

Don’t worry about changing your recipe if it already does what you want - the amount of Ruby syntactic sugar to apply is very much a matter of personal taste.

Note that this rule also isn’t clever enough yet to detect if your resources are wrapped in a control structure and not suitable for ‘rolling up’ into a loop.

For more information refer to the Chef metadata page: file.

You may also see this warning if foodcritic has not been able to infer the name of your cookbook correctly when the cookbook directory does not match the name of the cookbook specified in the include.

This warning is shown when you include a recipe that is not in the current cookbook and not defined as a dependency in your cookbook metadata.