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Angela Fang is a contributing writer at Tutor Ming.

People often use this site to stream or download movies and watch TV shows.

It is essentially an online alternative to watching television or going to a movie theater.

In her free time, she enjoys napping, surfing the Internet, and playing the violin.

Adult players of an online game targeting young mainland girls have been luring youngsters to send naked photos and videos of themselves in return for virtual credit, Chinese media reported.

Website: is often known as the "Yelp of China"; a website and app for crowdsourcing reviews on established businesses.

Aside from the main features such as reviewing restaurants, Dian Ping takes ratings to a granular level, allowing members to vote for their favorite dish at a restaurant.

Much of these videos are from foreign sources, from American movies to Japanese dramas. Note: Youku and Tudou were once two competing streaming websites, that have since gone through a merger.

It is unknown whether the websites will still operate separately.

Many people have since switched to We Chat or Weibo, leaving them to dub Ren Ren as the "Failed Chinese Facebook." Website: Twitter being one of the sites inaccessible in China, people still have the capability to sharing snippets of personal opinion.

Weibo is the most popular blogging platform for Chinese users.

While fundamentally structured like Twitter, the differences in the Chinese and English languages caused this media site to develop differently.