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Patong girls dating

If you want to find a good girl in Thailand, she won’t be in bars.

Pictured here is my friend Zen–a perfect example of a good girl in Thailand.

Although her style has a sexy edge, she is very well-mannered and classy.

Very rarely do I meet expats in Thailand who don’t trash-talk Thai girls, or go about describing them as helpless puppies in need of their divine guidance.

It’s quite saddening actually, because unless you’ve met a virgin–and there are plenty of them–you really haven’t met many good Thai girls.

There’s a live band playing until midnight and that’s about the time Banana starts to get super busy.

If you only had one night in Patong and look for a place to party after some bar hopping then you might not want to miss Tiger Live Band – the biggest, loudest, busiest and most sophisticated night club in Phuket.

If you don’t have your life together and can’t speak Thai, don’t bother.

The dating scene is exactly as it would be in the UK. But when I do find good girls in Thailand, there are distinct differences in cultural values which I’ve learned to take into account.

So it’s more a psychological thing to make the guys stay and don’t leave after their first drink as they already paid the entrance fee.

In order to prevent you from “club hopping” and make a good decision for a place to party the whole night: Below are the top 5 best nightclubs in Patong: Just by looking at Banana Disco and its fancy design from outside you wouldn’t assume that this is the longest running night club in Patong.

It’s still as popular as ever and one of the reasons might be the great location on the beachfront right next to Bangla Road.