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Did mischa barton dating ben mckenzie

Man, if only our friends were like them (minus the drugs, alcoholism and occasional murder). Apparently there were some pretty crappy cast members on set, according to the actor who played one of Marissa’s many love interests, Kevin Volchok.

Even though most of his scenes were with the former starlet, when Cam was asked about staying in touch with her, he responded with, “Mischa? I don’t even have memories of her.” Cam continued to break our teenage hearts, by recounting the cast as “f***ing miserable” and saying, “They would not remember their lines on purpose. That said, I don’t talk to anyone I’ve ever worked with.” While being on a mean streak didn’t seem to affect Ben’s career, it looks like it may have taken a toll on Mischa’s.

premiered in August of 2003, there was little to suggest it would grow into the pop culture phenomenon that it became during its first season.

Summer shows were considered little more than schedule-filler.

Seth Cohen (Brody) transitions from friendless high-school outcast to dating the girl of his dreams.

Even an unfortunate encounter with a menacing Las Vegas pimp could have a happy ending.

And Schwartz—who has since gone on to co-create and/or produce shows like ‘s 10th anniversary: Josh Schwartz: “I’d never really watched—and this kind of ironic now—a lot of teen dramas myself. But Stephanie Savage, who was the producer on the pilot, has seen every episode of , so she was much more certain that we’d figure it out.

And I think casting all the parts was tricky.” “Everything evolves.

We hope she can find her inner Marissa again one day.