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Chatterbox girls sex

The film’s director, Tom De Simone, spent much of the 1970s working in the Exploitation/porn margins of the American film industry.

’ Penelope, star – or, crucially, as we shall see, co-star – of Chatterbox, is a self-effacing, socially naïve hairdresser whose vagina – later named ‘Virginia’ – does suddenly begin to talk and sing.

Penelope seeks psychiatric help from a Dr Pearl who later becomes Virginia’s manager and the film, in a structure reminiscent of the porn features De Simone also directed, unfolds as a series of vignettes.

You sometimes wonder if your mouth has a mind of its own. Your life is basically one giant hashtag: #No Filter 22.

This week on Junk Food Dinner, we are joined by very special guest Patrick Dolan from Rue Morgue to discuss three weird and explicit flicks!

In this goofy sex comedy, a beautiful young woman (Candice Rialson) is shocked to learn that her vagina can not only talk, but it's got a wicked sense of humor and only thinks about sex.

When her singing snatch becomes national news, it's almost enough to drive this poor girl to suicide.

Some like to sing, some like to dance - you like to talk!

It’s your “thing” and you’re pretty darn good at it! Here are a few things every talkative girl knows to be true (apart from that super-hefty phone bill, of course)! You can say a million things in a few seconds, because you have so many thoughts all at once.

At the height of her celebrity, Penelope goes to a restaurant with her mother (who has with alarming alacrity set aside her concerns for her daughter once she realizes how profitable Virginia’s fame can be) and Dr Pearl and is quickly surrounded by fans.

One says: ‘I can’t tell you how much I admire you, Virginia; you put Gloria Steinem to shame!

Up first, Patrick brings us a unique first person splatter-fest from the fresh young upstarts at Necrostorm called Hotel Inferno from 2013, where we take the vantage point of a hitman hired to take out some weirdos in a hotel, but when he discovers the people he's working for haven't told him the full story, he is forced to battle his way through various demons and monsters with bloody results.