Start Dating sites for large clitoris lovers

Dating sites for large clitoris lovers

(See my January 3, 2015 post of February 4.) Curiously — despite the unquestionable need to consider “goodness of fit” (with apologies to statisticians) — length and width of the vagina have barely been mentioned.

The four-and-a-half inches cited for human vagina length (from Bancroft, 1989) is about 10% greater than reported by Jillian Lloyd and colleagues, but still notably less than the length of the average erect penis.

Plotting against female body weight, using Dixson’s data, reveals that vagina length scales to body weight with simple proportionality.

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Teeth placement and jaw stress and suction and gag reflex.

The clitoris is a woman’s most sensitive erogenous zone and the main anatomical source of sexual pleasure.

And it is isolated from the urinary tract, whose opening (urethra) is more than an inch away.

Importantly, vagina length did not differ between women with previous births and those without.

So the particularly challenging human birth process seemingly causes no lasting distension of the vagina.

even some recent text books of anatomy do not include the clitoris on diagrams of the female pelvis.” These authors gave an average of three quarters of an inch for externally measurable clitoris length.