Start Rag leeds speed dating

Rag leeds speed dating

You’ll get under 3 minutes to decide to date or ditch, and at the end we’ll tally up your matches – you never know, you could meet the love of your life!

Go Speed Dating in Swindon aka speeddating Swindon or Swindon Speed Dating.

We offer everyone the chance to meet like-minded people who are looking for a date, a long-lasting relationship or even marriage.

Events are held in elegant and stylish venues so you feel immediately at ease.

Most people however, were casual and the whole atmosphere was very light hearted.

Apparently no one goes looking for love in earnest at a student charity event, preferring the palace of dreams that is Jesters.

They made some progress last night and I hope they continue to do so! Obviously it wasn’t serious, but I did find it a bit repetitive after a while.

I did however, meet a rather dashing Canadian boy, who wasn’t speed dating, but chatting to the friend I had dragged along to take photos of the event: I met someone at speed dating, but not actually speed dating.

I was so nervous on arrival but really didn't need to be. Leeds is a fun city packed with lively entertainment venues, let’s face it, it’s not much fun if you’re on your own.