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Branden didn’t learn he was adopted until age 17, when a family friend broke the news.

The spread — which includes colognes, perfumes, and at least one unisex scent — is expensive, each glass bottle cast in its own sultry shape. He shares the apartment with his long-term partner, Xavier, a long-limbed drug and alcohol counselor and graduate student he met on BGC, a pre-Grindr gay dating app geared toward black men. Hanging by the door, there’s a framed painting of a rainy Paris street. “Everything in my house I bought with my porn money,” Branden tells me.

As a teenager, Branden created the Miss Prada character.

She uploaded campy pop songs to Sound Cloud and appeared in vulgar You Tube videos, sometimes professing her undying love to Chris Brown.

Some of his hobbies include painting, giving himself facials, and hand-making dog toys out of socks and yarn.

He doesn’t leave often — unless it’s Friday, when he goes shopping.

It’s populated with endlessly clever missives, both video and text-based, about ripping people off, robbing, cheating, and lying.

Some posts are outrageous, but others are strangely empowering.

“Scam today before today scams you,” goes one recent tweet.